Rhys Photis

Entrepreneur, founder, author, virtual collaboration and L&D expert, change maker & people person
Information with regard to my professional background can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhysmarcphotis/ My personal passion is more in line with www.TheTurquoiseBrickRoad.com

Nuclear Power: 8 Different Worldviews

A few years back we created a visual to illustrate the different viewpoints when it comes to nuclear power. I will want to continue sharing these visuals openly but want to ensure I got it kind of right. PLEASE, if you have a better statement, please provide it. IF POSSIBLE, your improved take on it. Looking forward to hearing back from you, Rhys

1. It doesn’t matter to me. 

2. If god would have wanted that we split atoms it would be a part of natural processes. 

3. I don’t really mind. 
As long as there is affordable energy available, I am fine with it. 

4. That is the domain of energy corporations and regulatory bodies. They are responsible for the power supply. 

5. If it makes economic sense and makes us more competitive – why not?

6. Better not. It just scares too many people and jeopardizes our relationship with nature. 

7. It is a controversial topic and causes a lot of friction between people. We need to consider the bigger picture.  

8. It is irresponsible for the well-being of our planet. We need to rethink.

Holism: The Power of Holistic Thinking As A Consultant

Claudius and Julia are looking forward to their next Conscious Conversation, where they talk about the Power of Holistic Thinking with CCG Advisor, and Holistic Philosopher Claudius van Wyk and Julia Culen

Learn more and register here: https://ccg.podia.com/conscious-conversation  

Event: Future of Leadership

Join us for our free online event next week. First, we'll provide an overview of many leadership styles, illustrate how culture-specific they all are and how they relate to each other. Next, we will provide insight into the FUTURE OF LEADERSHIP, what that exactly looks like and what business drivers need to be in place to make sustainable changes. Lastly, we share a road-map and some practical insight to get you on your way.

As you can imagine we lead you up and down our beloved spiral. 

What is nature to you?

We were on a walk through the bluebells last weekend and were talking about the different stages and what NATURE means to each one of them. So, I thought I share and invite additional suggestions. I am trying to keep the answers fairly neutral.  

What is nature to you?

1. [beige] I am one with nature.

2. [purple] Nature provides. We live.

3. [red] Nature is for the taking. I take what I want.

4. [blue] Nature needs to be managed and controlled as much as possible.

5. [orange] You can make use of nature. It provides valuable resources and 
a huge insight into what works best.

6. [green] We are in a relationship with nature. It is about give and take.

7. [yellow] Nature is the source of all knowledge and it is all connected.

8. [turquoise] We are all part of one natural whole. It is life and purpose. 

If you have alternative ideas, suggestions, please be so kind as to suggest an entire statement, incl. number and colour please. That makes it easier to contrast.

Colourful Archetypes as Superheroes

We are welcoming people to use the characters from www.TheTurquoiseBrickRoad.com as archetypes. Visual artist Craig Cornock and I want to offer these to people who want to use them for story-telling, visualisations etc.. The idea is to create:
1. A character page 
2. Set of 3-4 versions of the character
Ralph Rickenbach came up with the brilliant idea of creating the character page like which is like that of an avatar in a computer game. So, I thought why not brainstorm a few ideas of what could be on that page, followed by adding the content, followed by Craig making it look "gameishly cool".

Here a first few ideas:

  1. Name
  2. Slogan
  3. Values
  4. Super strength
  5. Derailers
  6. Preferred leadership style
  7. Thrives in following organisations...
  8. Thrives in following markets...
  9. Uses the following management tools / techniques
  10. ...

What else could be interesting + useful? Fun ideas are also welcome (I am usually a bit too serious ;)

Also. the page shouldn't be overloading This means we might have to prioritise.

Looking forward to hearing some more comments, Rhys 

Religions and their colourful tendencies...

Nicholas Holzwart

This is not really my topic but Nicholas Holzwart and I are in a FB group where he posted this. He is working on a book about comparative religion and have so far created a general outline of where each major religion falls presently on the meme scale. 

A. Christianity- Blue-Orange 
1. Catholic/Orthodix- mostly Orange-Blue 
2. Non Denominational- Orange-green
3. Pentecostal

B. Islam- Red-Blue
1. Mecca based Islam (Mainstream): Blue 
2. Medina Based Islam (Conversation and war based views: Red
3. Sufism (inner mystics) Blue-Green

C. Hinduism- Green 
1. Folk Hinduism: Purple
2. Vedantic: Blue
3. Shivantism/Vishnu: Blue to above 
4. Yogic Philosophy: Green to above 

D. Judaism- orange 
1. Traditional Orthodox: Red/Orange 
2. Liberal Judaism: Orange-Yellow 

E. Athiest- Green 
1. Communist China:Orange and Blue 
2. Buddhism: Green to above 
3. Modern Science: Orange to Yellow 

F. New age-Green